Want to Ace that Interview? A Whiter Smile May Be the Answer!

You would never show up for a job interview wearing tennis shoes or a wrinkled suit, but how about a less-than-brilliant smile?  According to one survey, having white teeth may be more important than you think.

While we can all appreciate the appearance of white, gleaming teeth, do we really know how important they can be to making a first impression?  The Chronicle reports of a survey on the connection between personal appearance and job-interview success.  According to the newspaper, “The survey reported that 60 percent of Americans considered having discolored or stained teeth to be more detrimental to a job interview than having a pimple or unmanicured nails or even not wearing a suit.”  Now that you know the importance of a brilliant smile, read on to learn about the teeth-whitening solutions we offer.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a time-tested and effective means of achieving the brighter, more beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.  Teeth can become discolored for a myriad of reasons.  Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and taking certain medications can all contribute to stained or discolored teeth.  Thankfully, there are treatment options available.

During a tooth whitening treatment, a strong hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth using a custom-fitted mouth tray.  Often, an ultraviolet light is also used to speed up the whitening process.  You will typically return to the office a few times, and we will work together to get you the best results and optimal level of whiteness for you.  With today’s treatments, you don’t have to settle for a stained, discolored smile.

Let Us Brighten Your Smile

Brilliant, white teeth are not only beautiful, they can be essential in making a good first impression.  To learn more about your Teeth Whitening options, contact us today.  We offer Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills, and you can book your appointment at (310) 273-0111.

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