Top 5 Foods and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth

We all know that a whiter smile is a more beautiful smile. And, yet, it’s not easy to keep our teeth as brilliant as we would always like. While there are certain factors outside of our control – age, heredity, taking certain medications – it’s important to remember that what we eat and drink can play a huge role in keeping our smile beautiful and bright.

To make things a bit easier, here is our list of the Top 5 Foods and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth:

  1. Coffee: The majority of Americans drink coffee daily, making it one of the biggest teeth-staining culprits around. And, while it’s hard to imagine starting the day without our morning Joe, coffee – particularly black coffee – is highly acidic and can dramatically stain our pearly whites.
  2. Berries: Any dark-colored berry – blackberries, cranberries, etc – will tend to stain our teeth. This goes for blueberry pie as well!
  3. Wine: While you don’t necessarily have to give it up altogether, drinking too much wine can leave your teeth looking gray and dull.
  4. Curry: Next time you’re thinking about ordering Vindaloo, remember this: dark sauces like curries, soy sauce and tomato sauce can also take their toll on your teeth, resulting in a smile that’s less than brilliant.
  5. Soda: Not only do dark sodas contain tooth-staining dyes, but because soda is acidic, tooth enamel can become worn away, making your teeth even more susceptible to staining.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Of course, no one is going to eliminate coffee, wine and blueberry pie from their diet completely, and your teeth can inevitably become stained and dull. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers a solution: Teeth Whitening.

This procedure uses a special hydrogen peroxide gel to essentially lift stains from the teeth. We also use a special light that both speeds up and enhances results. Patients will typically return for several sessions until their desired level of whiteness is achieved. Our practice is also proud to offer the cutting-edge ZOOM Whitening system. Requiring only one office visit, ZOOM can whiten your teeth by up to 8 to 10 shades.

Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills

To learn more about teeth whitening or any of the services offered at our Beverly Hills Dental Clinic, contact us today. Schedule your consultation at (310) 273-0111. We look forward to working with you.

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