Tooth Whitening Basics

One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry today is tooth whitening. It is non-invasive and can greatly improve the overall appearance of your smile. You may be familiar with the results of tooth whitening, but do you know exactly what the process entails?

How Tooth Whitening Works

  • Typically, peroxide is used to whiten the teeth. A dentist will use dental trays to ensure it sits against the teeth during the process.
  • a UV light or a laser is typically used in order to help the peroxide take fast effect.
  • The complete bleaching process done in a dentist's office takes about a half an hour.
  • Bleaching your teeth does not damage the enamel or any hardware in your mouth.
  • Professional tooth whitening can lighten your teeth 3-5 shades and remove staining.
  • Depending upon the severity of staining, a patient may require more than one visit to the dentist for whitening.
  • A whitening kit will often be provided to you to help maintain your newly white teeth at home after the professional whitening session.

Why Professional Tooth Whitening is Safer

There are over-the-counter products for tooth whitening available. Many of them have very limited amounts of peroxide and are not as effective. Dentists can ensure that safety is a priority with the stronger tooth whitening products so the results are superior. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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