Nature's Toothbrush? Foods to Smile About!

We all know that things like strawberries and yogurt can be part of a healthy diet, but did you know that certain foods can make your teeth stronger—or even whiter?  CBS affiliate, KTVH, is reporting on a few of the foods that can act as “nature’s toothbrush.”  Quoting a cosmetic dentist, KTVH reports that “Strawberries have acids in there that actually naturally whiten your teeth and foods like cauliflower also use almost sort of a scrubbing action on your enamel and help remove the plaque on your teeth."  One thing is important to mention, however.  Although these acids—particularly malic acid—have whitening benefits, they should not be left on the surface of your teeth for an extended period of time.  The same goes for the sugars in strawberries, which can cause tooth decay.  It’s for these reasons that you should brush and use a good mouth rinse after eating fruit.

Of course, keeping your teeth strong and healthy is equally important.  The article reports that the proteins in yogurt and cheeses can prevent acids from binding to the teeth.  “Plus,” KTVH explains, “they're packed with vitamins and minerals that keep teeth strong.”  I guess the old adage is true—you are what you eat!

Interested in whiter teeth?  Read on to learn about a few foods to avoid and the ways cosmetic dentistry can help!

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The enamel of our teeth can act as a sponge.  When we consume foods and drinks like coffee, tea, blueberry pie or curry, our teeth can become stained and discolored—not to mention, unattractive.  Of course, not all of us will eliminate these problem foods from our diet, and the simple fact is, teeth can naturally become less-than-brilliant over time.  Cosmetic dentistry can help.

At-home remedies like eating strawberries are interesting and can show some benefits, but for those interested in dramatic results, cosmetic dentistry can offer the solution.  One of the most powerful methods we use today is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.  During a whitening procedure, a strong gel is applied to the teeth using a custom-fit mouth tray.  A special light can be applied to speed up the process and enhance the results.  Patients will often return to the office a few times until their desired level of whiteness is achieved.  So, take the first step—schedule your whitening consultation today.

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