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Through the use of Orthodontics, we can treat crooked teeth, crowding, spacing, protruding upper teeth, overbite, under bite, open bite and cross bite. Dental braces are used to move the teeth and jaw into proper alignment. After an orthodontics treatment at our Beverly Hills dental office, patients can show their wonderful smile.

Preventive Dentistry

As its name suggests, preventive dentistry is intended to prevent dental problems before they start. You can keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing every day as well as getting regular dental exams.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers allow many dental procedures to be performed with no noise and very little pain. Laser technology also allows several procedures to be performed during a single appointment with Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kevin B. Sands.


Endodontists treat small fractures, calcifications and damaged teeth and perform root canals, apicoectomy, tooth extraction and replacement, and removal or repair of bone or dental root.

Sedation Dentistry

Nervous or sensitive patients can relax thanks to dental sedation. Many patients feel no pain during or after treatment and have little or no memory of the visit. Sedation also allows extensive treatment to be done in a single appointment at our Beverly Hills office.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal or gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. In the early stage (gingivitis), gums may swell and bleed easily; in the advanced stage, teeth can loosen and fall out. Good oral hygiene and regular exams are essential.


Full and partial dentures replace the missing teeth both aesthetically and functionally, providing support and restoring the smile.

Infant & Pediatric Care

Dental appointments for children are important to evaluate the teeth and gums as well as to educate the young patient for a lifetime of dental hygiene.

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