Is it Necessary to Have a Full Set of Veneers?

People often associate veneers with the application of a full set. The media (when referring to celebrities) creates the impression that veneers must be done on the whole mouth at once.

The reality is that cosmetic dentistry has been using veneers on single damaged teeth for decades. However, in many cases this is actually a bigger challenge than giving patients a full new set. Depending on the placement of the tooth, the process can require a very skilled dentist.

Getting a Single Veneer

A single veneer is typically used when a tooth is heavily damage due to decay or chipping . It is reserved for cases that are too severe to be repaired with bleaching and bonding, in many circumstances. The placement of the damaged tooth is what determines how difficult it will be to create and apply a single veneer. The following factors typically come into play:

  • The cosmetic dentist needs to match the existing teeth, rather than creating a new look which happens with a full set of veneers
  • When it is one of the two front is damaged, it is a greater challenge as failing to match the other tooth even to the slightest degree can result in a lack of symmetry in the mouth
  • The presence of other dental work in the mouth, like dental implants.

Dentists can also apply more than one veneer in the mouth - multiple damaged teeth do not necessarily mean that veneers need to be placed over every tooth.

Interested in Learning More About Veneers?

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