Caring for Porcelain Veneers

There are many benefits of having porcelain veneers that are both cosmetic and functional in nature. They function better than natural teeth in some instances since they create a protective barricade. However, it is still important to treat them properly.

Making Your Veneers Last

Your dentist plays an integral role in the care and maintenance of your veneers, but there are things you should do at home.

  1. Thoroughly brush and floss - tooth decay on the veneers themselves cannot occur. However, it is still possible for the areas around the veneers to develop decay. Cavities or gum recession can occur. This can compromise the overall health of the natural teeth and the overall aesthetic look.
  2. Be cautious when playing sports - individuals with veneers should wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports to prevent breaking.
  3. Be careful how you chew - although veneers are highly durable, it is still important to remember that certain actions may detach the bonded veneers from the teeth. Using teeth to open a package or chewing on very hard surfaces (like ice) are a couple of the scenarios.

Discuss the Appropriate Treatment for Your Veneers

You can discuss the best way to treat your veneers after you come in to have them put on!

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