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Deciding to Get Adult Braces or Invisalign

July 29, 2011
by blogarticles

There are a number of reasons why braces are put on children and adolescents, and not all of them are aesthetic.  However, adult braces are typically used for cosmetic purposes.  If you are considering traditional braces or Invisalign, ask yourself the following questions. Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Dentist Before Choosing Adult Braces or...  read more

Tooth Whitening Basics

July 22, 2011
by blogarticles

One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry today is tooth whitening. It is non-invasive and can greatly improve the overall appearance of your smile. You may be familiar with the results of tooth whitening, but do you know exactly what the process entails? How Tooth Whitening Works Typically, peroxide is used to whiten...  read more

Why Do People Have Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

July 15, 2011
by blogarticles

The appearance of your smile plays a major role in the overall look of your face. Crooked or yellowed teeth can become a major area of focus for people, and they may distract from other attractive facial features. Today, there are a number of effective, noninvasive procedures that can improve the look of one’s smile...  read more

Is There a Recovery Time Associated with Veneer Installation?

July 12, 2011
by blogarticles

It is a common misconception that all dental procedures are painful, although there may be some recovery involved. This is true in cosmetic dentistry as well - however, the process involved depends upon the procedure. With the application of veneers, the results are drastic but the recovery time itself is minimal. What To Expect When...  read more

Benefits of Veneers

July 1, 2011
by blogarticles

Veneers are an important in cosmetic dentistry as there are great benefits to the appearance of an individual. If the application of veneers is something that you have been considering, then understanding these benefits can help with the decision. How Veneers Benefit Your Appearance When porcelain veneers are applied to the teeth at the front...  read more

Welcome to Our Blog!

June 1, 2011
by admin

Welcome to my blog!  Within this regularly updated feature of my website, I will provide visitors with practice news and specials, as well as information regarding the most recent technological advances and new treatments in Cosmetic Dentistry. I believe that patient education and open communication with your doctor are the keys to achieving healthy, fully...  read more

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