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Going to the Dentist Shouldn't Be Dreadful!

May 31, 2012
by admin

Let’s face it – no one loves going to the dentist.  But, does it have to be a dreadful experience?  Absolutely not!  Even if you’re someone who avoids the dental chair at all costs, you’ll quickly learn that we’re a dental practice unlike others.  Our goal is to make you as calm and comfortable as...  read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers

May 23, 2012
by admin

As a cosmetic dentist, patients are always coming in with questions about the procedures we offer.  And, there’s one topic that seems to get a lot of attention these days: porcelain veneers.  So, in an attempt to clear a few things up, I thought I would share some of the most frequently asked questions about...  read more

What Are Your Bad Dental Habits?

May 16, 2012
by admin

We all know the traditional “bad habits” — procrastinating, overspending, leaving the dishes in the sink. But, have you ever considered that you may also be guilty of a few bad dental habits? Shape Magazine online recently published a list of these common “Dos and don’ts for healthy teeth and gums.” Borrowing from that list,...  read more

Tooth Loss More Widespread Than You Think

May 7, 2012
by admin

Think tooth loss is only a problem for those in their 70s?  Think again.  According to an article posted by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), “Statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal...  read more

Top Cosmetic Dental Concerns Among Patients

April 30, 2012
by admin

As a Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, I can tell you firsthand that everyone wants beautiful teeth!  But, when it comes to a perfect smile, some of us need a little boost.  Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry offers a solution for virtually every cosmetic concern out there. Want to know what other patients are working on? ...  read more

Lumineers® | A Cutting-Edge Approach

April 25, 2012
by admin

By now, many patients have heard of Lumineers®, but not everyone knows the whole story.  So, what’s the scoop on this revolutionary treatment?  First, let’s take a look at a few cosmetic issues Lumineers can address. Lumineers are thin, tooth colored shells that are custom made and bonded to the fronts of the teeth.  These...  read more

Tips for Reducing Dental Phobia

April 16, 2012
by admin

Leading health website, WebMD, posted an interesting article on one of the most common fears in the US: going to the dentist.  In fact, according to the article, “Between 9% and 20% of Americans state they avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear.”  In the spirit of quelling those fears, the website...  read more

What Makes a Smile Beautiful?

April 9, 2012
by admin

We know it when we see it, but what exactly makes some smiles more beautiful than others?  This is a question that patients and dentists have been asking for years and years, and there is no single answer. Here is our list of the most important characteristics of a beautiful smile: White teeth: Simply put,...  read more

Top 5 Smile Makeover Procedures

April 3, 2012
by admin

Many people have heard of a “smile makeover,” but few know the whole story.  Let’s take a moment to clear a few things up.  First and foremost, a smile makeover is not a one-size-fits-all procedure.  Rather, it is a customized procedure or series of procedures aimed at turning the smile you have into the smile...  read more

Top 5 Advantages of Dental Implants

March 26, 2012
by admin

Before we can understand the advantages of dental implants, we must first look at why a patient would need an implant in the first place. In essence, when a tooth is lost or removed, a dental implant acts as a replacement tooth root. That is, a rock-solid foundation for an artificial tooth. Although the implant...  read more

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