Treating Snoring Through Dentistry

Individuals do not typically relate dentistry and snoring together. However, dentists do offer a major solution. Snoring treatment falls under the cosmetic umbrella since it is a condition that can affect how people perceive you.

How Does Dentistry Treat Snoring?

The specific snoring condition that is treated by dentistry is Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  With this condition, the tongue and soft palate fall to the back of the throat causing an obstruction. As you move through the different sleep cycles, you can alternate between breathing with and without restriction. Gasping then occurs during the transitions.

An oral appliance can be designed to keep the airway open. The job of a cosmetic dentist is to create something suitable for the shape, size and needs of your mouth. The appliance is somewhat similar to a mouth guard. The dental treatment can be used in conjunction with other solutions for snoring.

Discuss Your Snoring Issues

If you have been experiencing issues with snoring, we may be able to help you. Come in and discuss your experiences with us!



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