One More Reason to Brush… Your Brain May Thank You!

We all know that poor oral hygiene can have serious effects on our smile, but did you ever think it could have serious affects on your health?  Today, USA Today is reporting on an interesting new study that shows a potential link between poor oral hygiene and dementia.

“Elderly women who don't brush daily and men who are missing many of their teeth are more likely to develop dementia than their peers, a new study suggests,” reports USA Today.  “…Researchers speculate that bacteria and inflammation associated with dental disease may spread to the brain, Reuters reports.”  Dementia is a loss of brain function and cognitive ability.  The condition can affect language, judgment, behavior and more.

Of course, while these conditions may be correlated, it doesn’t guarantee that they can cause one another.  “The study can't prove dental problems lead to memory loss,” reports USA Today.  However, “People with missing teeth or poor brushing habits may have other things in common that explain the link.”  And, while this is only one study and more research needs to be conducted, it gives an interesting picture of the crucial importance of good oral health.

Brushing for a Beautiful Smile

Of course, if this doesn’t motivate you, let’s look at another reason why good oral health is important: its effect on your appearance.  And, poor oral hygiene or “skipping the dentist” can only mean one thing – a less-than-perfect smile!

One of the biggest issues with bad oral hygiene is a destructive form of gum disease called periodontitis.  While similar to gingivitis, periodontitis causes a progressive loss of bone around the tooth.  So, what can that ultimately mean for your smile?  Tooth loss.

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