Starting Early: Why Infant Dental Care Matters

Infants usually only have a few teeth, so how important is seeing a dentist at such a young age?  Very important says a recent article from Medical News Today.  According to the report, infants who are just 6 to 12 months old should be seen by a dentist, citing The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's revised guidelines on infant oral health.  However, Infant and Pediatric Dental Care is nothing new to us.

At our practice, dental care for children is important for two reasons:

  1. Infant dental appointments are important for assessing teeth, gums and general oral health.
  2. For children who are a bit older, dental visits can educate and prepare young patients for a lifetime of dental hygiene.

A Beautiful Smile at Any Age

Hopefully, by the time we’re adults, regular dental checkups should simply be a way of life.  It’s the best method for achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth at any age. However, as we grow older, our smiles often change in ways we don’t want.  Teeth can become broken, discolored over time or may even require a dental implant.  Thankfully, there's cosmetic dentistry.

A few of the cosmetic treatments we offer:

  • Crowns:  When a tooth has broken to the point that a filling won’t be effective, Dental Crowns are often required.  A crown is used to hold a cracked tooth together and prevent further damage.  Aesthetically, a crown can restore a tooth to its normal size and shape for an overall improved appearance.
  • Whitening dentistry:  For patients with stained or discolored teeth, we often recommend Tooth Whitening.  A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth to achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile.
  • Implants:  When you lose a tooth, often the healthiest option is a Dental Implant.  During the procedure, titanium cylinders are surgically implanted into the jaw and provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Schedule Your Checkup Today

Whether you’re interested in booking your infant’s first appointment, an appointment for yourself or if you’d simply like to learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry, contact us today.  We can help you maintain a beautiful smile at any age.  Our offices are located in Beverly Hills, and you can book your appointment at (310) 273-0111. Call today.

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