Is Cosmetic Dentistry Overseas Dangerous?

Individuals researching cosmetic dentistry will often find that they come across information on cosmetic dentistry overseas. This can seem appealing as they get to travel to exotic locations and have procedures done at lower costs. However, there are a number of different risks posed with choosing cosmetic dentistry overseas.

Risks of Cosmetic Dentistry Overseas

When you choose to have cosmetic dentistry overseas, you put yourself at risk because:

  • Dentists may not have the same licensing protocols in foreign countries.
  • There is no recourse if something goes wrong when dealing with a dental practice in another country.
  • Procedures are often cheaper due to inferior materials and inexperienced dentists.
  • You are left far from home, often having to travel after a stressful procedure (in the case of dental implants, for example). If there are complications, this becomes an even greater challenge.
  • It is not possible to have followup appointments with your cosmetic dentist once you have returned home again.

Finding a Qualified Cosmetic Dentist at Home

If you are looking for a qualified cosmetic dentist, you can find one at home. Costs may be higher than they are overseas, but this provides you with the opportunity to have quality care. This is important when dealing with both the appearance of your smile and your health. Contact us to learn more.

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