Correcting Mother Nature’s Mistakes

As a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, patients come to me with all sorts of dental problems: chipped teeth, discolored smile, serious tooth decay.  But, not every dental issue is self-inflicted.  Sometimes, as dentists, our job is to pick up Mother Nature’s slack.

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile – sometimes it takes a little work.  Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry can often be the solution.  Want to know what other patients are struggling with?

Here are a few “Mother Nature” dental problems and a few ways cosmetic dentistry can help:

  • Crooked teeth: A crooked smile is one of the most common dental concerns around.  Thankfully, it’s also one of the most treatable.  In the past, the only way to correct a misaligned smile was with unattractive, traditional metal braces.  For many folks, however, that’s simply not an option.  Fortunately, modern dentistry affords us a virtually-invisible alternative: Invisalign®.  Instead of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign uses a series of comfortable, custom-made aligners.  These work to gradually shift your teeth into their proper position.
  • Misshapen teeth: Porcelain Veneers aren’t just for treating chipped teeth – they can also enhance the appearance of misshapen or disproportionate teeth.  Whether too big, too small or oddly shaped, a veneer can transform a tooth and achieve a beautiful smile.  The veneer procedure is simple and generally takes two office visits.  At your first appointment, we take an impression of your teeth, which is sent off to the lab.  When your custom veneer returns from the lab, you’ll come in for a second visit.  There, we “buff” your tooth, removing only a small amount of natural tooth material.  The veneer is then cemented into place.
  • Missing teeth: Believe it or not, most people will lose at least one adult tooth during their lifetime.  When this happens, often the healthiest option is to replace it with a Dental Implant.  A dental implant resembles a small screw and literally serves as an artificial tooth root.  Because the implant is placed directly into the jaw, it acts as a rock-solid foundation for a natural-looking artificial tooth.

Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Don’t wait – do something about your smile today!  To find out which procedure might be right for you, contact us and schedule a consultation.  Our offices are located in Beverly Hills, and you can book your appointment at (310) 273-0111. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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