5 Reasons to Replace Your Metal Fillings Now

When we were kids, the only way to fill a cavity was with a metal or “amalgam” filling. While this certainly restored the structure of a tooth, the procedure wasn’t without its drawbacks. Then, with the advent of dental composites, everything changed!

So, what is a dental composite? You may have heard of them as “white fillings” before. These are strong synthetic resins that are used to restore the function and esthetics of a tooth. Now a go-to dental procedure, composites are used in a variety of ways. These include, filling cavities, creating partial crowns and reshaping teeth. Many patients are surprised, however, to find that white fillings offer a slew of advantages over traditional metal fillings. And today, we can completely replace these fillings and replace them with a cutting-edge composite. Think this might be right for you?

Here are 5 Reasons to Replace Your Metal Fillings Now:

  1. Safety of metal has been questioned. While the jury is still out, many dentists believe that metal fillings are simply not the healthiest option. Breathe easy knowing that your white fillings are metal free and mercury free.
  2. Better esthetics. It’s undeniable that white fillings are the better cosmetic option. Expertly color-matched and blending in seamlessly with your natural smile, white fillings often go undetected. The same cannot be said for dark, “amalgam” fillings.
  3. Less sensitivity. Many patients experience less tooth sensitivity after receiving new white fillings. This makes sense, as metal fillings can conduct heat and cold to sensitive parts of the tooth.
  4. Strengthens tooth. Since it’s directly bonded, white fillings will often restore most of a tooth’s original strength. This may increase your odds against a tooth cracking or a crown procedure.
  5. Quick procedure. Direct dental composites are “ready to use” right after the procedure. This is because we use a special curing light that hardens your new filling in seconds.

White Fillings in Beverly Hills

To learn more about white fillings or any of the cosmetic services we offer, contact us today. Our cosmetic dental offices are located in Beverly Hills, and you can schedule a consultation at (310) 273-0111. We look forward to meeting you.

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