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Adult Orthodontics | Do I Need Braces?

October 12, 2012
by admin

Think you’re “too old” for orthodontic treatment?  Think again!  While we typically associate “crooked teeth” or a misaligned bite with those in their teenage years, did you know that about 30% of all orthodontic patients today are adults?  An effective and time-tested way to achieve a straighter smile at any age, do you know the...  read more

Your Zoom Whitening Questions Answered

October 5, 2012
by admin

In the past, in-office teeth whitening usually spanned several office visits, with patients returning over and over until their desired level of whiteness was achieved. And, while the treatment was certainly effective, many patients were looking for quicker results! This is why our practice is proud to offer cutting-edge Zoom Whitening. And, this single-visit system...  read more

Your Top 5 Dental Implant Questions Answered

September 11, 2012
by admin

By now, nearly everyone has heard the term dental implant, but do you know what these cutting-edge restorations are really all about? While in the past, patients were limited to bridges and dentures, modern dentistry now offers a healthier alternative: implant restorations! Want to know the whole story? Here are Your Top 5 Dental Implant...  read more

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